Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging – Included with All Standard Inspection Services

Unlike most inspection companies, we provide Thermal Imaging for free with our inspections. With a thermal imaging camera, which allows us to see areas of heat discrepancies not visible to the naked eye, we complete a full scan of the accessible interior and exterior areas of the home. This scan allows us to find moisture intrusion that would otherwise go unnoticed and be left to worsen over time.

If you suspect moisture intrusion, hire us for a Thermal Imaging/Moisture Intrusion Inspection, during which we will only scan the area of the house where moisture is suspected. This is a paid service.

1 bedroom (studio) $220
2 bedroom $250
3 bedroom $289
4 bedroom $300
Additional price for recreational roof deck $40
Buyer inspections, Seller inspections, 11 Month warranty inspections.

Single Family Homes and Townhouses
Base Price 0 to 1000 ft2
Price per additional square foot
Additional price if the property is 50 years old or more $50
Discount if the property has no garage
Buyer inspections, Seller inspections, 11 month warranty inspections.

Muti-Unit Buildings
2 unit building 2 bedrooms per unit $470
2 unit building 3 bedrooms per unit $500
2 unit building 4 bedrooms per unit $560
3 unit building 2 bedrooms per unit $689
3 unit building 3 bedrooms per unit $735
3 unit building 4 bedrooms per unit $819
Buyer inspections, Seller inspections, 11 month warranty inspections

Mansions and Penthouses $1500
Phase Construction $125 per visit (up to 10 visits)
Mold Inspection (2 samples) $250 Additional sample $50
Radon Test $225
Moisture Intrusion $200
Annual Maintenance Inspection $80
Roof Inspection $150
4 Point Inspection $200
(Roof, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing)

Note: Traveling 40 miles or more we will charge an additional $80 dollars. We are located in Albany Park Chicago.
Investors or house flippers looking to have inspections on a regular basis we can sit down and agree on a discounted price.

We Have Special Prices Just Ask

We Have Special Prices Just Ask

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We Give Extra Protection To Sellers and Buyers

Buyers Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

As a home buyer, you deserve to know everything there is to know about your prospective property, including its damages, defects, and how it operates. A thorough Buyer’s Inspection will give you a full understanding of home’s issues and the ability to protect your investment with confidence and peace of mind.

Re Inspection

Re-Inspection – Free Upon Request

We value our clients and want to give you the very best service possible for your investment, so we offer your first Re-Inspection Walk-Through at no additional charge upon request. This follow-up inspection entails a walk-through before your closing date, during which we inspect the repairs made since our last visit.

Pre Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection helps home sellers become more aware of any issues on their property so that they can offer the correct information for disclosure to potential buyers. It also gives them the opportunity to repair issues in the home before putting it on the market, making it more attractive for purchase and paving the way for easier negotiation.

New Construction Inspection

New Construction Inspection

Once a new property has been built, a New Construction Inspection should be scheduled before the final walk-through takes place. During this inspection, we uncover oversights made during the building process that should be addressed so that the home is safe and move-in ready at the time of the walk-through.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

11th Month Warranty Inspection

New homes sold with a year-long builder’s warranty should undergo an 11th Month Warranty Inspection. During this inspection, we find the defects in the home covered under your warranty so that you know what repairs to request before you run out of time and become financially responsible.

Home Maintenance Inspection

Home Maintenance Inspection

Homeownership can feel overwhelming at times, but regular Home Maintenance Inspections can offer peace of mind and a deeper understanding of what the property requires. We will thoroughly inspect the home, give advice about caring for it, and let owners know what issues in the home need maintenance to prevent them from growing into costly problems down the line.

Mold Testing Inspection

Mold Inspection

Mold in the home can damage surfaces and upset allergies and asthma. It also indicates possible moisture intrusion. During a Mold Inspection, we search the home for mold growth so that the issue can be remedied.

Internachi Buy Back Guarantee

BuyBack Guarantee Program

We are a part of the BuyBack Guarantee Program through InterNACHI, meaning that if we miss anything during your inspection, they will buy the home back at no risk to you.

10000 Honor Guarantee

$10,000 Honor Guarantee

We are backed by InterNACHI’s $10,000 Honor Guarantee program, which covers the cost of replacement of personal property if it is damaged or lost during an inspection.

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InterNACHI Certified for Mold, Infrared, Plumbing, Exterior, Roof, and more.
Licensed & Insured  #450.012079


You see pretty, we see potential dangers.

Home inspections 110% safety oriented.

We perform mold inspections and testing.

Helping families walk away from money troubles. They sure walked away...

Looks neat to the naked eye but we won’t let them fool you. 

Getting on a roof is crucial.

Just a matter of time before the water starts leaking inside.

We climb up to find the source of water issues.


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